Buddy Groups

Buddy Groups – IH is split into 4 different buddy groups. In those groups we hang out and do fun things as well as have friendly intergroup competitions! Now let me introduce to you the #Sassquatches, Stars, Mice, and Bass-ics.


The Sassquatches are the sassiest of all buddy groups, and are always prepared with a comeback. “#wewokeuplikethis #flawless #fierce” ~Spinelli

Julia Campbell

Teresa Spinelli

Natalie Seman

Lilla Stawara


The stars are the most (self proclaimed) obnoxious of all buddy groups. You might see a Star in their natural habitat arranging music a year out, or highlighting their music in their color coded binder.

Katie Martin

Julia Clendenin

Josh Lutz

Caroline Zhang

Suin Yun


Want to find a Mouse? Just say “yaaaaaasss”. One will come running.

Raghav Gupta

Steven Park

William Jun


The Bass-ics are the kings of the bass clef as well as reigning rulers of all Dad jokes. You might find a Basic practicing hitting whatever is below the bass clef or creating opportunities to use a pun they’ve been working on.

Wes McPherson

Bangseh Akuchu

*Disclaimer* Written by a Sassquatch

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