Album Release

We, Infinite Harmony, are so proud to announce that our second album will be released tomorrow!!! With this album release, we have decided that we would like to donate all the proceeds from this album sales to charity…but with so many worthwhile charitable organizations out there we couldn’t decide which one charity we wanted to donate to. So, we have decided to let our audience decide. We will be holding a small completion with five charitable organizations that are heavily involved on our campus. The five organizations are: Partnership Against Domestic Violence, For The Kids Georgia Tech, One Voice Atlanta, the Alpha Phi Foundation, and the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. When the album is released, each organization will have a different link to use to purchase our album. All you have to do is select which organization you want the proceeds to go to and purchase the album through their link. On January 27th, once we close the competition, whichever organization received the most sales in dollars through their link shall receive all the proceeds from our album sales.
So be on the lookout for the five links tomorrow and support your favorite organization!


*Special Thanks to Beatrice Domingo for the photo used for the album art! Check out more of her work at*

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