We pride ourselves on having a diverse collection of songs. From the 80’s and 90’s to Top 40 to Indie, Infinite Harmony loves to to bring a varied performance that is pleasing to the ears.

Current Set List of Songs

Fall 2019

Jailhouse Rock
Elvis Presley • Arr. Nate Lowery • Solo: Lilla Stawara

Sweet But Psycho
Ava Max • Arr. Lilla Stawara • Solo: Mallory Monaghan

You Make My Dreams
Hall & Oates • Arr. Julia Clendenin • Solo: Sarah McDougal and Lilla Stawara

Maggie Rogers • Arr. Sarah McDougal • Solo: Aiyanna Lowery

I Can’t Help Falling in Love
Jess Glynne• Arr. Katie Martin & Lilla Stawara • Solo: Lilla Stawara

Stay Dying in LA
Rhianna/Panic! At The Disco • Arr. Hadden Kelley • Solo: Hadden Kelley & Miranda Leggett

Don’t Stop Believing
Journey • Arr. Sarah McDougal • Solo: Sarah McDougal & Maya Assaad

Shia LaBeouf 
Rob Cantor • Arr. Jon Gaul • Solo: Jon Gaul

Paint the Town Green
The Script • Arr. Nate Lowery • Solo: Maya Assaad & M Ives

Happy Together
The Turtles • Arr. Sarah McDougal • Solo: Andrew Li

Heart-Shaped Hologram
Stephanie Mabey • Arr. Jon Gaul • Solo: Julia Clendenin

Rockin’ Robin
Jimmie Thomas • Arr. William Jun • Solo: Jalen Brown

Still Feel
half•alive  • Arr. Julia Clendenin • Solo: William Jun


Beyond this list, we also have a knowledge of past songs and are always learning new and exciting arrangements during the semester. For more information, email us at

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